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The Soaring Thunderbirds is a glider club in Northeast Ohio dedicated to flying for fun.  We are based at the Wadsworth airport (3G3) about 10 miles west of Akron.  We fly most every weekend (and Friday) in the spring, summer, and fall and occasionally during the week.  Our 15-20 members come from many walks of life and span from teenagers (several) to octogenarians (several).

Our “fleet” includes three gliders the club uses (two owned, and one leased) and a tow plane.  Several of the club members also have their own gliders.  One of the club gliders is a two place “Blanik L-23” which is excellent for both training (it’s considered a higher performance trainer) and taking friends up to share the joy.  A second club ship is a single place “Blanik L-33 Solo” which provides an excellent transition to single place ships from the L-23.  Finally we have a single place Schempp-Hirth “Standard Cirrus” which is a high performance fiberglass ship.

Costs to join and fly are low (see “Membership” section).  There is no cost to use the gliders, you simply pay for the “tow” to altitude (which is usually about $20) and the monthly membership cost is $50 per month.  It’s probably the least expensive way to fly (and learn to fly) and The Soaring Thunderbirds is one of the least expensive glider clubs.

Several of the members are instructors and several also fly the tow plane (we also have other “help” flying the towplane too).

If you’re a serious soaring pilot looking for a new home, or always just “wondered what it would be like to fly a glider” (or anywhere in between), come out, meet some members, and take a flight!


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